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Conventional Acceptance & Publication

Phantazie does accept unsolicited/unagented manuscripts from authors in the following genres: Fantasy, to include all subgenres (high, dark, urban, modern, fractured, etc.); Science Fiction, to include all subgenres (Hard, Space Opera, Sociological, Dystopian, etc.); Erotica, to include all subgenres (menage, bdsm, fetish, gay/lesbian, etc.); Supernatural Thrillers (zombies, vampires, werewolves, surreal); mash-ups (think, for example, zombie-westerns, sword and sorcery erotica, or southern gothic/steampunk sci-fi). Upon 20180310_120012_1520704846518acceptance we provide an agreed upon royalty to the author and we seek first worldwide rights to the work. We accept electronic queries and submissions only. Go to our Contact/Submissions page for further details.


Digital and Print-On-Demand Publishing

For independent authors who wish to maintain complete control of their work to include the rights, marketing, and distribution, we offer the option to digitally upload their story for publication. What this includes is that upon submission we review the manuscript to ensure it is formatted correctly for digital upload and that it conforms to the requirements of the independent digital publishing platforms. We design and20180301_084201 develop a quality, eye-catching book cover, place all the necessary hyperlinks, and author profile information, as well as an author account to which the author would have complete control over and exclusive access.  Currently we operate with Kindle/Amazon and Smashwords for digital publication. Once the manuscript with the book cover are uploaded and published the story is made available through Amazon,, the Apple Store, Sony, and several other ebook retailers world-wide. Additionally, if requested we also upload and format the manuscript so that it conforms with the requirements to make the book available for print-on-demand paperback through, as well as for purchase by the author for independent distribution/sale. Phantazie Publications will provide our house label for the author, however, the author maintains complete control over the rights to the story and is responsible for brick-and-mortar retail bookstore distribution and sales. Contact us via the Contact/Submissions Page for details, as well as pricing that is tailored to your specific needs.


Editorial Services

We provide three levels of editing services for authors. If all you require is proofreading for punctuation and grammar, we have that.  Or if you prefer something more comprehensive we offer professional copy editing and content editing as well.


– Proof Reading

We will check and correct your manuscript for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Currently our rates are $3.00 per page.

– Copy Editing

In addition to checking your manuscript for spelling, punctuation, and grammar, we will also check it for accuracy and consistency. It also involves checking for continuity, sentence structure, paragraph lengths, word choices, missed words, and the like. Currently our rates are $4.00 per page.

– Content Editing

In addition to checking and correcting spelling, punctuation, grammar, and copy editing, we will review your manuscript’s content for factual errors, contradictions, and inconsistencies. If the content is fictional, we will check for discrepancies in the plot, character, or dialogue. Additionally, we check to determine if the theme has been developed, or whether the sub-plots have been well integrated into the story line. Currently our rates are $7.50 per page.

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  • Book Cover Design

Based on your requirements we will design a stunning, eye-catching front cover for your ebook that meets the requirements of all the digital publishing platforms (Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, etc.), and if you require a back cover with content for your paperback we can also provide that for an additional fee. Check out our examples of some of the current designs we’ve done for our featured authors.  Contact us for pricing plans as fees vary from $5.00 all the way to $250.00 based upon your needs.

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– Marketing Services

– Social Media Marketing Book excerpts/blurbs

You provide the excerpt, we provide the images to go along with it to make a social media meme or graphic image where the excerpt/blurb is overlayed with the image. The image provided will be consistent with the content of the overall story or the scene from which the excerpt is taken. This is an excellent to present excerpt on the various social media platforms to further enhance your social media marketing content.  Prices vary from $25 to $150 for this service, so contact us for a quote.








– Social Media Profile/Account set up and design

We will set up your author social media pages for you. You pick the social media platform, we set up everything for you.  Contact us to discuss your requirements and prices.

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