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Phantazie Publications Instagram Micro-Erotica And Flash Fantasy Anthology Contests

We provide the image, you provide the prose …

Our current image for the Micro-Erotica May 2018 contest:



Our current image for the Flash Fantasy April 2018 Contest:



Here’s how it works:  Using the image(s) provided compose an erotica or fantasy (depending on which contest you want to enter) micro-story, vignette, or poem of no more than 500 words that is inspired by or compliments the image.

The top fifty entries will be judged to become finalists and will be published in an anthology ebook on Kindle Amazon.

The best entry wins $25.00

No entrance fee or purchase of the anthology is required

Contest Rules:

  1. From the posted image compose a story, vignette, or poem of no more than 500 words that is inspired or compliments the image.
  2. Like the posted contest image.
  3. DM (Direct Message) your story, vignette, or poem or you may submit through
  1. All entries must be received by May 31, 2018 at 12 pm CST
  2. Multiple entries are accepted
  3. If there are fewer than fifty entries into the contest, then only those entries judged to be “of merit” will be entered as finalists. “Of merit” is to be determined by the contest judge who is the editor-in-chief of Phantazie Publications.
  4. The finalists will be notified via contest image re-posting with an @mention
  5. There will be no requirement to purchase the anthology. A link for the published anthology will be provided to all finalists with an @mention posting once the anthology is published to Kindle.
  6. Phantazie Publication maintains the copyright for the anthology, however, after publication of the anthology, all rights revert back to the authors.


Here’s an example of the typical contest entry content: