Welcome to Phantazie Publications!  Discover that next great story right here.  If you’re a reader of quality fantasy, science fiction, erotica, thrillers, or mash-ups we’ve got just the book for you.  You can purchase online right here today, just check out our “Purchase Direct” page to view our selection of stories.  We’re certain there’s a story here for you.





If you’re an author, we are always searching for engaging and entertaining stories.  We are a small digital publishing company specializing in short story, novella, and novel ebook publications for the science fiction, fantasy, erotica, supernatural thriller, and mash-up genres.

At Phantazie we are looking for new writers, as well as indie authors, with excellent stories.  And unlike most traditional publishing houses we offer different options for publishing your story.  At the top of those options is in-house publication whereupon acceptance we publish your manuscript in digital ebook format and paperback for world-wide distribution through online retailers and brick-and-mortar retail bookstores.  Other options are digital publishing upload services and print-on-demand publishing, as well as editorial services, such as proofreading, content editing, book cover design, and marketing support consultation for authors who wish to maintain complete control and all the rights to their work.

So whether you’re a reader or a writer we’re certain that you will find what you are looking for right here!